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Live Online communication

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Learning Connected

Given by
Birgit Klapper and Hester Hooijen, Live Online Learning (LOL) experts at Learning Connected



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Follow lessons with a trainer and fellow students in
the live online classroom


This course consists of 2 live online sessions
of 2 hours each


Birgit and Hester are Live Online Learning experts at Learning Connected


An increasing number of people are using online tools to communicate with each other online. Consider for example Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Webex, Adobe, or one of the many other options. Every tool works slightly differently, but also the online interaction with each other is different than what you are used to in "normal" / live contact with each other. To communicate with each other online in the same efficient way, you not only need the right tool, but you also need to be able to operate and use it in the right way. You will learn how to do this in this training! The following topics are covered:

  • Get to know your tool: how to start a session?
    What should you pay attention to with the camera and microphone

    The most important buttons
    When do you use which button/functionality?
    Practice with the difference buttons
    Tips for making online contact in an efficient and interactive way

The training will be customized to the tool you want to use.



This course is meant for everybody who sometimes teaches online, who organize online workshops, or who guides online intervision, and who wants to learn more about online didactics and teaching methods. We advise you to do the LOL-training first, before you do this follow-up.


The meetings take place in the live online classroom and last 2 hours each. Various dates and times have been scheduled. You follow the live online session in a group of 5 to 10 participants and a permanent trainer per course / session. We expect you to be an active participant during the sessions. Select the date of your preference and sign up!

In preparation for the live online sessions, some self-study is expected from you. You can count on 1 hour of self-study per live online session.


This course is given by Birgit Klapper and Hester Hooijen, Live Online Learning experts at Learning Connected.


What do you need?
The live online sessions find place in the live online (LOL) classroom (a virtual classroom) where you participate through both camera and audio. To be able to participate, you need a stable internet connection and preferably on a laptop. A laptop often has a built-in webcam and sound card. If you want to participate with a desktop, check whether a sound card is included and ensure a good headset with microphone. It is also possible to participate via tablet or smartphone, but for the best experience we advise you to use a laptop.

After registration
After you have purchased the course, you will receive a confirmation email and an email with the login instructions for the live online (LOL) learning environment. You will receive unlimited access to the learning environment immediately. Here you can find all the self-study and other interesting learning materials. We also ask you to register for a test session, in which you will be prepared for the first real live online session. During this test session, we ensure that all technology works well and that you are familiar with the live online classroom so you can participate in the first session without worries. This course starts when at least 5 students have registered. If the course cannot start due to too few registrations, we will inform you by mail as soon as possible and we will refund the purchase price within 30 days after cancellation.


Contact us directly! Use the chat function bottom right or call or email to:

📞 +31 (0)20 244 15 62


This course is a live online course, in the LOL classroom. Just like in an ordinary classroom, you will participate with your teacher and with your fellow students. You can hear and see each other via computer, tablet or smartphone.

You can follow the course from any location with an internet connection: comfortably from home, on the road or at work. In addition, you can record the lessons and look back whenever you want.

You prepare the live online sessions in the live online learning (LOL) environment. The many possibilities of the learning environment provide a unique experience in which you learn from each other online and in interaction.